History of the Hort

The inaugural meeting of the Creemore Horticultural Society was held in the office of Mr. Jake Hisey (now the location of the Creemore 100 Mile Store) on April 11, 1921.  After the rules of the Society were read, the following were elected:  President, Mr. Jack Hisey; First Vice-President, Mr. B.T. Ferguson; and Second Vice-President, Mrs. Coleman, Glencairn.  There were thirteen members enrolled.  The aim of the Society was to beautify the community and its homes.

The first Annual Meeting was held on January 13, 1922, in the Public Library. The number of members was an incredible 142! The membership fee was one dollar and for this amount the member was entitled to receive plants, bulbs or shrubs representing more than the value of the subscription. 

One of the first beauty spots made possible by the Horticultural Society was the CNR Park, next to the TD Bank. The Society was granted use of this park on September 18, 1925, by the CNR.  Soil was brought in and the ground levelled.  Flower beds established and grass seed sown.  The CNR paid for the flowers and the Society cared for the small park.

The object of the Society was to encourage Creemore Citizens the love of flowers and shrubs; to hold exhibitions; and to make Creemore the prettiest village in Canada.  The Society tried to encourage the love of well-kept lawns, clean streets and beautiful gardens.

Sources: A Glimpse of Creemore’s Past, 1989 and The Creemore Star, 1921.

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